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Managing Your Talent

Talent Management and Succession planning

This is a people management practice dedicated to ensuring you are identifying your talent pool and working to ensure development and retention of key people.  The Coaching Suite can work with you to put processes in place to identify, develop and retain talent who are critical to your business.  The Coaching Suite can work with you to ensure you coach, develop and retain these key people.

‘Onboarding’ employees

Onboarding is a term used to describe not only a new employee being inducted into a business, but the full process from before they join the business to understanding the business and getting up to speed in their new job.  Every business should have an onboarding programme for new employees, whether permanent or temporary.  This is a key component to developing and retaining employees in a business.  It helps the new employee to integrate quickly and therefore to be more productive more quickly.  The Coaching Suite can work with your new senior hires to enable them to navigate their way effectively in their new environment and culture making a positive impact in a reduced amount of time.

Transitioning Employees

The Coaching Suite can work with your transitioning employees to enable them to hit the ground running and provide them a safe place to explore and have time to think, grow and develop.

High Potentials

The Coaching Suite can work with you to develop your high potential employees ensure their readiness for new opportunities and growth and development of the individual.